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Quick update on the Swagger UI enhancements.

The design allows you to pull in Swagger from any of the following sources (or any combination):

  • Localized Swagger JSON files on the classpath.
  • Swagger defined on class-level and method-level annotations.
  • Swagger fragments defined in resource bundles.
  • Auto-detection if not found above (paths, methods, schemas, etc...).

The general idea is you can let Juneau auto-generate the Swagger documentation, or provide your own Swagger JSON, or do a combination of auto and manual.


Here's the Petstore app OPTIONS page based on the Petstore example...


Operations are expandable and gives you information about the schema.  

In this case, the schema information was auto-detected and generated using the JsonSchemaSerializer. 


Examples for all the supported types are provided via a select when an @Example-annotated method exists on the POJO class (or otherwise defined in the Swagger JSON).


For example, RDF....




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