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  • Custom WebSession (Storing Objects In Session)
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Extend WebSession and add your custom getters/setters:

public final class MySession extends WebSession {

	private Object myObject;

	public PerManSession(Request request) {

	public final Object getMyObject() {
		return myObject;

	public final void setMyObject(Object myObject) {
		this.myObject = myObject;

	// if you use java >= 1.5 you can make use of covariant return types
	public static MySession get() {
		return (MySession)Session.get();

In your WebApplication you need to override the "newSession" method and return your session instance:

public final class MyApplication extends WebApplication {
	public final Session newSession(Request request, Response response) {
		return new MySession(request);

In your WebPage you can get/set your object:


// or java >= 1.5:

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