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  • How do I use Spring Property Placeholder with Camel XML
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How do I use Spring Property Placeholder with Camel XML

We do NOT yet support the ${something} notation inside arbitrary Camel XML. For example at the time of writing this is NOT supported (due Spring limitations)


However you can use the <endpoint/> element to define endpoints which does support the property resolving which you can then refer to by name, using the Ref component as shown below (notice the ref: in the uri):


Camel does not yet fully support property placeholders as there is a limitation in Spring. See JIRA SPR-4466

Bridge Spring and Camel property placeholders

From Camel 2.10 onwards you can bridge Spring and Camel property placeholders, see Using PropertyPlaceholder for more details.

Here is a trick that you can use to define the uri in a property file using Spring injection and Camel endpoint :

From Camel 2.3 onwards there is a Properties component build in Camel core which allows you to use properties in the same way as Spring property placeholders, and even more.

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