External Access

Continuum connection types mustn't be limited, I want to support GWT/AJAX, web services (SOAP/WSDL), XFIRE, JMX, JMS, scripts... To do that, the maximum of the logic must be in the services and not in the "client".
User interface
Users aren't really happy with the actual UI in Continuum because pages aren't shown quickly in some case. I'm sure we must add some dynamic part with AJAX features.
To do this, my preference would be for GWT because it is very easy to use, full java and the code to write is similar to something wrote with Swing or SWT.
An other thing that would be great for users would be the possibility to allow to customize the UI.
The last thing is the possibility to create some reports (text and graphical) or to export some data. We won't implement lot of differents reports (I don't know which for the moment) but the reports list must be customizable and extensible with a plugin mechanism.


Actually, it isn't easy to monitor a Continuum instance and some things aren't possible to do without to modify the code.
We must add some JMX Mbeans to manage some Continuum parts (if possible all), like memory, nb projects, nb project groups, build queue, log level...


With all the conf possibility described above, we'll have all in place to configure what we want so it will be easy to add JMX extension to manage the configuration

Things to expose:

  • The inner workings of Quartz, specifically which schedules are really active. Sometimes a schedule will be active on the web page, but it is never executed.
  • The number of builds in the various queues
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