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Sling is a framework to develop content centric web applications based on the idea of modularizing the rendering of HTTP resources.

Sling entered incubation on September 5th, 2007.


  • Over the last few months our mailing list has started being more active, with signs that Sling's user base is increasing steadily. The number of patches from non-committers is also increasing steadily.


  • At long last Apache Sling has seen its initial release end of June.
  • The Sling Management Console has been moved to the Apache Felix project and is now called the "Apache Felix Web Management Console".
  • After the first release we have to take up a stab at our site and the documentation again, which we postponed until after the release due to lack of time.

Issues before graduation

  • Grow a more diverse community (so far commits mostly from Day employees).

Licensing and other issues

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