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  • Migration to Wicket 9.0
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IPageStore rework WICKET-6563 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Storage of pages was reworked:

  • PageStoreManager was broken up into specific managers for storing pages in the request and session and further storage
  • IPageStore and IDataStore were unified

Most application code should be uneffected by this change, IPageManager stays the central mediator between the application and page storage(s).
Users might consider utilizing new features as:

  • CryptingPageStore for encryption of persisted pages
  • FilePageStore with improvements for storing of pages that receive alternating requests

Stores in were also updated.

PriorityHeadItems siblings ordering  WICKET-6673 - Getting issue details... STATUS

The order of siblings' PriorityHeaderItems are now preserved.

API Changes

Deprecate package org.apache.wicket.util.time from wicket-util WICKET-6662 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Wicket used custom classes from package org.apache.wicket.util.time to handle and manipulate time entities such as "duration" or "current instant".
These classes have been replaced with standard Java 8 classes java.time.Duration and java.time.Instant.


Removed from wicket-core all the deprecated classes WICKET-6562 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Several deprecated classes were removed from wicket-core:

  • org/apache/wicket/

  • org/apache/wicket/markup/

  • org/apache/wicket/model/

  • org/apache/wicket/model/

  • org/apache/wicket/protocol/http/documentvalidation/

  • org/apache/wicket/protocol/http/documentvalidation/

  • org/apache/wicket/protocol/http/documentvalidation/

  • org/apache/wicket/protocol/http/documentvalidation/

  • org/apache/wicket/protocol/http/documentvalidation/

  • org/apache/wicket/protocol/http/documentvalidation/

  • org/apache/wicket/request/cycle/

Browser User agent detection WICKET-6544 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Wicket's user agent detection was removed (was deprecated in Wicket 8.x), as the API and implementation was not sufficient for modern browsers. Users are encouraged to utilize

IE<11 and other browser workarounds WICKET-6667 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Several workarounds for older browsers were removed. The special JavaScript event "inputchange" for IE is no longer supported and should be replaced with the standard "input change" instead.


Wicket 9.0 requires Java 11

Upgrade JUnit to version 5  WICKET-6595 - Getting issue details... STATUS

All **Tester classes (e.g. WicketTester, FormTester, TagTester, WebSocketTester) now depend on JUnit 5.x instead of 4.x.

Update CDI integration to CDI 2.0 specification  WICKET-6581 - Getting issue details... STATUS

The old wicket-cdi  module based on CDI 1.0  has been replaced with wicket-cdi-1.1 module (based on CDI 1.1), which has been updated to CDI 2.0. No code change or API break  has been required for this update, hence those who were using wicket-cdi-1.1 should have no problem migrating to the new wicket-cdi  module.

Use JQuery 3.x by default  WICKET-6596 - Getting issue details... STATUS

JQuery 2.x is not maintained anymore by jQuery team. Wicket will use by default latest available 3.x version.

Upgrade Apache Velocity to 2.x  WICKET-6653 - Getting issue details... STATUS

wicket-velocity module now uses org.apache.velocity:velocity-engine-core:2.1 dependency instead of org.apache.velocity:velocity:1.7. Because of this change there are small API changes in the signature of the Wicket Model used for the variables.

Overall updates

All libraries on which Wicket modules depend are updated to their latest stable versions.
The most notable ones are:

  • Spring Framework 5.x
  • Objenesis 3.x  WICKET-6598 - Getting issue details... STATUS
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