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  • How do I run Camel using Java WebStart
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How do I run Camel using Java WebStart?

Camel 1.5 has support for starting using Java WebStart.

Be Careful

However there is a restriction to not use the version attribute for camel jars.

What you need to have in mind is that Camel will scan for resources in .jar files on-the-fly and therefore the .jars is loaded using http. Therefore the http URLs in the .jnlp file must be complete in the href tag.

Maven configuration

If you use Maven to generate your .jnlp file then check out these links:

You need to configure your maven to not output the jar version attribute (outputJarVersion=false) as started in this snippet

And a sample of the generated appl.jnlp file:

What to notice:
To let Camel run using Java WebStart the <jar href> tag must not use the version attribute for the camel-xxx.jars. See the difference between Camel and the spring jar.

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