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All the PHP support for NetBeans 9 was contributed by our NetBeans user Junichi Yamamoto.

PHP 7.2 Support

  • Trailing Commas In List Syntax

  • Coloring for object type

  • PHP version in Project Properties dialog

PHP 7.1 Support


  • Class constant visibility


  • Multi catch exception handling


  • Nullable types


  • Support for keys in list()


  • Coloring for new keywords(void, iterable)


  • PHP version in Project Properties dialog

PHP 7.0 Support


  • Context sensitive lexer



  • Hint for void return types


  • Hint for incorrect non-abstract methods


  • Suggestion for the strict types declaration. It is suggested when the caret is on the line which contains "<?php" and the file doesn't have the declaration.


  • Lowercase code completion for TRUE, FALSE, and NULL constants. Enabled by default.


  • Code folding for arrays

  • Code foldings for use statements

  • Code folding for php tags

  • New vardoc support (/** @var VarType $varType */)

  • Option for comment completion. Enabled by default. (Tools > Options > Editor > Code Completion > Language: PHP)


  • Conditional breakpoints



  • Autocompletion for delimiters, brackets, and quotes

  • Support for the palette

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