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How do I automatically format code and avoid spotless errors?

You can set up a git precommit hook to always autoformat code, by putting this in .git/hooks/pre-commit and setting the executable bit.

    set -e
    ./gradlew spotlessApply

If you haven't used git hooks, the docs are here:

Using --no-verify will skip it and `chmod u-x` will disable it.

How do I run a single test?

./gradlew :beam-examples-java:test --tests org.apache.beam.examples.subprocess.ExampleEchoPipelineTest --info

Running Java Dataflow Hello World pipeline with compiled Dataflow Java worker.

You can actually dump multiple definitions for gcp project name and temp folder. They are present, since different targets use different names.

Before running command, remember to configure your gcloud credentials. Add GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS to your env variables.

./gradlew :beam-runners-google-cloud-dataflow-java-examples:preCommitLegacyWorker -PdataflowProject=<GcpProjectName> -Pproject=<GcpProjectName> -PgcpProject=<GcpProjectName> -PgcsTempRoot=<Gcs location in format: gs://..., no trailing slash> -PdataflowTempRoot=<Gcs location in format: gs://...> --scan

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