The Apache NetBeans 10.0 (incubating)  vc5 has been released  17th of December 2018, after a long patching period addressing licensing issues found in vc4.

Also addressed the following major issues: NETBEANS-1735 - Getting issue details... STATUS , NETBEANS-1372 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Vote Candidate 5 files:

The voting happens on the source artifact:
SHA512 checksum: 3181c7bedda08abee8af0d1aa5673518f48f8c2f7544260d8b6bfd87ed8dbafed9d12a46154d0095a93daba6f9b36a9ed1c52ecf14df9ab9697dd14eedbe1376

The binary artifact is available as:
SHA512 checksum: ba83575f42c1d5515e2a5336a621bc2b4087b2e0bcacb6edb76f376f8272555609bdd4eefde8beae8ffc6c1a7db2fb721b844638ce27933c3dd78f71cbb41ad8

These links will be broken with when release or next vote candidate would happen



The PPMC voting threads got positive result with 15 +1 votes, 0 0s and 0 -1s,s before the thread had been closed. So it is ready for the IPMC vote.


One binding IPMC +1 vote, carried over to this IPMC vote thread:

13, +1 PPMC votes:



+1 IPMC binding votes:

Issues Found During Voting

The following issues has been found by the community during the voting process,, none of them are blocking, they are going to be addressed in before the next release cycle:

  1. One failure in RAT report, but *not* a license issue (webcommon/javascript2.jquery/external/jquery-api.xml)
  2. The DEPENDENCIES, NOTICE and DISCLAIMER files look fine but I am
    mildly annoyed that the NOTICE file mentions 'IntelliJ IDEA Community
    Edition' for a single file ( which is under
    Apache 2.0.
  3. NETBEANS-1803 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  4. NETBEANS-1818 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  5. NETBEANS-1819 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  6. NETBEANS-1820 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  7. No unexpected binary files but perhaps one that shouldn’t be in the release:

Build, Version Tracing, Signing

This vote candidate are the result of the following build, happened on Apache Infrastructure:

Git Tag:, 910bd74bf46d079e49925f702432c74d54ec705c 

Our KEYS file:
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