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When you're looking for a reliable carpet cleaning company, you don't have to spend hours flipping through Yellow pages anymore. Today you just enter a query in and you get thousands of results related to your search. If you're looking for a carpet cleaning business in Watford, you will get lots of search results because it's a highly competitive area and many contractors want to have online visibility.

Search For Carpet Cleaning Business Offline

Even though Google is omnipresent, people still need to do some work. In our case – looking for a reputable Watford rug cleaning company you have to pick up the phone and start calling cleaning contractors. Before that you have to choose between three to five companies for your research. More than five will mean too much work has to be done. Below I have listed three important questions you need to ask a company representative.

The Three Questions

Could you present me with details/evidence of any prior work done by your carpet cleaners in Watford?

Needless to say, high standard and quality results bring recommendations, positive reviews and new customers to the table for any business. Every respected carpet cleaning business should be able to provide references. In case they are reluctant or hesitate, you better move onto the next contractor.

What kind of cleaners do you use and are they industry approved/certified?

A lot has been said and written on this topic in the last couple of years. However, it's important to ask every time if the company uses safe and approved cleaning solutions. You don't want dangerous chemicals to be used in your home. If your local carpet cleaner can't demonstrate that their products are child safe look elsewhere.

Do you offer 100% Clean Guarantee?

Most professional cleaners offer a money back guarantee to their customers. Expert technicians are well aware if a stain can be removed or a carpet is ruined forever. They are confident in their expertise and professional equipment.

Your Google Carpet Cleaning Research

Although asking questions over the phone might provide you with information about a company, you should know that you can't rely solely on it. There are lots of indecent contractors among the good ones in the industry. What's more, it's quite difficult to tell which is which because dodgy businesses have learnt to tell customers all the right answers. In such case you need deeper background online research. You should utilize the opportunities the Information era presents you.

For a start, there are lots of industry specific organizations which provide professional certification for companies in a trade. Look for such organizations and check whether your company has been certified. Next, check various consumer websites for reviews. But have in mind that many businesses manage their online reputation these days. However, they can't erase or influence every comment on the Internet. There are lots of local forums where consumers share both positive and negative reviews. Mine those to create a reliable profile of a carpet cleaning company.

For a start you can just open your browser, type and check the results which for “carpet cleaning Watford” should look like in this link.

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