ServiceMix has graduated

ServiceMix has just graduated today!

The ServiceMix team is pleased to announce the availability of ServiceMix 3.1.1.
This release includes a number of bug fixes and small improvements.
For more informations, please see the changelog.

How does JBI compare to SCA

They focus on different things and can work nicely together. For more detail see

ServiceMix 3.1 released

The ServiceMix teams is pleased to announce the availability of ServiceMix 3.1.
This release includes a bunch of new JBI components, and a lot of new features, improvements and bug fixes.
For more informations, please see the changelog.

Over on InfoQ there's a great presentation by Mark Richards on the Role of the Enterprise Service Bus. Its highly recommended viewing! It gives an excellent overview of the capabilities required for an ESB without getting sidetracked into the marketing-speak. It also gives a great overview of JBI together with explaining pretty well how Apache ServiceMix and Mule compare. I've added it to the Resources page

ServiceMix 3.0

ServiceMix 3.0 is finally out !
There are lots of changes since last milestone.
Go to ServiceMix 3.0 for downloads and more informations.

ServiceMix Team Presentations

Some members of the Apache ServiceMix team are going out and about presenting in the coming months - so if you are interested in finding out more about the project and learning about the ESB technology it offers you can either catch up with Guillaume Nodet over at US ApacheCon for the ServiceMix presentation or Philip Dodds who'll be presenting to the Charlotte Java User Group (in sunny North Carolina).

Come and meet some fellow ServiceMix users at the Sydney Spring User Group #2 in Sydney Australia. Spaces are limited and you need to RSVP

Ramon Buckland is giving a talk on J2EE in an SOA world and how Spring and ServiceMix have played a part of recent developments.

For more information:

Updated Maven JBI Plugin

Check out the updated Maven JBI plugin - offering new features such as :

  • Creating and installing shared-libraries
  • Creating and installing components (BC/SE)
  • Creating and packaging service units
  • Creating, packaging and deploying service assemblies
  • Automatically deploying a project (and its dependencies to a running Servicemix instance)
  • Starting a ServiceMix instance under Maven and then deploying a project (with its dependencies) - great for testing!

For more information check out the updated documentation.

Discussion Forums

Before posting you might want to read the Tips For Getting Help. Many users prefer to use online forums rather than joining a mail list which can lead to lots more email traffic so we use these forums which also work with our Mailing Lists so that both stay completely in sync. Note that the forums have a delay (up to a few hours) before displaying new posts, so please don't send your post several times, and be patient. If you prefer an immediate feedback, please use the mailing lists, as they do not have such delays.


Ask your questions there ...

Come and meet us at TSSJS

Two ServiceMixers, James Strachan and Bruce Synder will be giving presentations at TSSJS this week so if you are in the Vegas area, do pop by and say hello

Philip Dodds has a great article showing ServiceMix deployments being created in Eclipse. Go Philip!

ServiceMix at JavaWorld

Jeff Hanson has written a good article on ServiceMix as an enterprise service bus at JavaWorld

Awesome ServiceMix Article

This article gives a nice overview of JBI and ServiceMix:

Servicemix 3.0-SNAPSHOT

ServiceMix version is now 3.0-SNAPSHOT.
Packages have been renamed to org.apache.servicemix.
Nightly snapshots of the distribution can be downloaded from