Board meeting on 16 Jan 2019; report to be submitted by 9 Jan

A cloud agnostic library that enables developers to access a variety of cloud providers using one API.

== Project Status ==

jclouds continues to accumulate bug fixes but little feature work.  Notably we are struggling with Java 8/newer Guava compatibility which vexes our users.  We continue to work with the Karaf community on one of these issues.  This blocks release of jclouds 2.2.0.

We have migrated the repos to Gitbox, and will be deprecating and archiving the legacy jcloud GitHub org in a way that allows contributors to move without pain.

We've also migrated our CI infrastructure from CloudBees to the ASF Jenkins and have been able to make our live test builds public, which will be valuable to the community.

== Community ==

Outside the existing PMC and committers, we had 12 contributors this quarter, including several new ones, and more activity on our issue tracker. Notably one potential contributor sent a pull request for a new Aliyun OSS provider but this will require significant rework to merge. It is important to note that this kind of huge pull requests are difficult to review, and it may take more time than desired to review and educate the contributors, since most of the PMC and Committers are now on a "pure" volunteer status (their $dayjob is no longer related to jclouds).

Last committer: 2018-07-23 (Daniel Estevez)

Last PMC member: 2016-10-21 (Andrea Turli)

== Community Objectives ==

== Releases ==

The last jclouds release, 2.1.1, took place on 2018-08-16.