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Background & Motivation

Currently the Scala package supports the Module and the Feed Forward API. The Clojure package builds on the Scala package and supports the Module API. The Gluon API is only supported so far in the Python package, however it is more full featured and all of the newer documentation and books and online resources like Dive into Deep Learning use the Gluon API. Supporting this API would allow the JVM packages to grow and to eventually share a common API for documentation and tutorials.

For example - Dive Into Deep Learning could have parallel texts and exercises for Scala and Clojure (and others ...)




TODO: Gluon API Analysis 

Gluon packageDescriptionCommentsCan be supported with current JNI?Covered in Dive into Deep Learning?BenefitEffort
gluon.baseBase Package

Dynamic Graph support?


?Just about everywhere

gluon.model_zooProvides pre-defined and pre-trained models to help bootstrap machine learning applications

gluon.dataProvides useful dataset loading and processing tools, as well as common public datasets.

gluon.lossCommonly used loss functions in neural networks

gluon.nnNeural network blocks 

gluon.rnnRecurrent neural network API

gluon.contribProvides many useful experimental APIs for new features.