This page contains a list of features that our community thinks is important for Tuscany Java SCA. The page is split into two parts. 1.x and 2.x. The 1.x code stream is our SCA 1.0 OSOA spec based code stream. 2.x is our SCA 1.1 OASIS spec based code stream (which is just starting up as of November 2008). Hence roadmap items may differ between the two.

You may be wondering where these roadmap items come from. Usually they are the things that individuals think need to be added or be fixed in the code base. If you are looking for something to work on and no roadmap items take your fancy the other useful places to look for potential new roadmap items are;
Tuscany Survey Responses
Outstanding Java SCA JIRA

The old roadmap page (from when we were just doing SCA 1.0 development) is also a useful reference. But this is a clean page to allow us to separate 1.x and 2.x activities. I've put the items in I know about and which I think are imminent. I've resisted the temptation to put on those items that we never seem to get round to doing. I've included a 2 release horizon to try and excluded all of the fluff we have collected on roadmap pages before. Items can be linked to a more detailed roadmap page as they are being worked on.

Please help to make this a live document. Thanks

Interested in helping with any of the items? Great! We look forward to your participation. Start by posting your thoughts on the developer mailing list. You can subscribe to the developer mailing list here





2.0 - M1 - OSGi Runtime

2.0 - M2 - Assembly compliance

2.0 - M3 - Policy/Extension compliance

2.0 - M4 - Tuscany extensions

2.0 - Beta