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If you have never used or seen Camel before, then you should start with Apache Camel Tutorial – Introduction to EIP, Routes, Components, Testing, and other Concepts - an article by Kai Wähner, where he puts EIP and Camel into the big picture and gives a run down of the important Camel concepts. Demo source code can be downloaded at github to get started with your first Camel project easily.

Camel Videos


Articles are divided into several sections. As the lists grow, further sectioning refinements may be necessary.

General Articles

These examples show usage of several different components and other concepts such as error handling.

Tooling / Combination with other Products

These examples show Camel combined with several tools (e.g. IDE), ESBs, Application Services, and other middleware products such as messaging or OSGi container.

Camel and Groovy

Camel and Scala

Camel and Clojure

Camel and the IoT (Internet of Things)

Camel and Microservices/Cloud

Comparison to Camel's Competitors

Presentations on Apache Camel



Online Training