Ozone has a philosophy that releases are very important and release managers play a key role.

All developers of Ozone are welcome to be release managers of Ozone.

Being a release manager of Ozone seems easy if you think of it as a set of steps described  in Ozone Release Guideline.

Generally, life is more complicated, and a guide to Release management is often useful to deal with the unwritten code of release management.

Role of a Release Manager

We choose you for a very important reason. To be the lone voice of reason and put your personal stamp of quality on the release.

We will depend on you to tell us that tests are broken, the tree is degenerating in quality and finally, to shut down all check-ins.  

In short, anything that goes wrong; is your problem, or the buck stops with you.

Most developers are focused on the individual parts of the system, they are not going to look at how long the review queues are,

how many other tests are broken, or if the latest commit has again killed the Apache Spark.2.7 support in Ozone.

You will be the eyes and the screaming voice that guides the release.

What we expect you to do

List of Release Managers - Past, Present and Future