Structure for download sites

The Harmony downloads are laid out across a number of sites, with corresponding directories on the Apache servers.

Here's a quick description of the layout.

Used for scratch files not intended for high disk usage or high volume downloads. Has the following subdirectories:

Used for latest stable builds and recommended files. This directory is recursively mirrored to make files available worldwide. Directories must be uniquely identified (i.e. not 'latest') because they are archived as described below.

Used for archiving files deleted from the site. We cannot write to or delete from the archive. All files that have been mirrored via end up here and accumulate indefinitely. Not intended for high disk usage or high volume downloads. By definition, this directory will have the same structure as

Our project website site staging area. All files that are created here are eventually reflected on the production website server. Not intended for high disk usage, but can be used for high volume webpages.