Writing from CEAS with quick notes on each talk. Proceedings are at http://www.ceas.cc/papers-2004/papersbytopic.htm .

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Social network talk:

Joshua Goodman Received talk:

Brett Watson: beyond identity: problems even with sender id

Multiple email addresses:

Panel discussion of monetary spam filtering:

MailFrontier presentation: anatomy of a phishing email

Geoff Hulten, MS: Trends in Spam Products and Exploits

Introducing the Enron Corpus:

Larry Lessig:

Hal Varian:

Nicola Lugaresi: EU vs Spam - a legal response

No-Email-Collection flag: Matthew Prince, Unspam LLC

Paula Bruening, CDT: Tech Responses to the Problem of Spam: Preserving Free Speech and Open Internet Values

Barry Leiba, IBM: a multifaceted approach to spam filtering


Richard Clayton: Stopping Spam by Extrusion Detection

Resisting Spam Delivery through TCP damping:

AOL hashing:

Distributed, collaborative spam filtering:

Reputation network analysis for mail filtering:

On attacking statistical spam filters: