Mailing Lists

We generally discuss SpamAssassin and its development via the following mailing lists. Where available, there is a graph which shows you how much mail you should expect to hit your inbox if you subscribe.


For announcements of new versions of SpamAssassin.


A general user list. Please post your questions to this list. Developers and members of the PMC monitor this list and answer questions as time permits. You must be subscribed to the list with the email address you use to post to it.

Note: before you submit a question to the mailing list, please thoroughly read the FrequentlyAskedQuestions list and other info on the FrontPage, as your question is likely already answered there. If you've looked carefully but still can't find your answer, then go ahead and post – but be sure to note

Please don't ask questions about versions older than 3.3.0, as you don't want to use an old version for the same reason you wouldn't use an out-of-date anti-virus scanner.

This list has high enough volume that you will want to filter it to a separate folder so it doesn't fill up your inbox. This is a basic function of email clients, check your mail client's documentation for instructions. If possible, it is best to filter on the header List-Id: <>

Having trouble unsubscribing? Please don't email the mailing list members. Contact the mailing list human owner for help. Send an email describing your problem along with verbatim error messages to users-owner at and then have patience. The mailing list owners are volunteering their time to help you. They may not be reading their email immediately. Remember that in most cases you are asking a person to do for you what you could almost always do yourself through the mailing list management software. But if you are having trouble then the mailing list owner is the person you need to ask for help. They will do their best to assist.


For those involved in the development effort to discuss their work on the project. Unless you are working on a patch to SpamAssassin, this is probably not a list you need to use. If you're not already on the general users list, you should probably go there first (wink) You must be subscribed to the list with the email address you use to post to it.


For SVN and Wiki change messages. If you don't know what they are, you don't want to be on this list, and if you're not already on SpamAssassin-users, you should probably go there first (wink)


The RuleQA list is for people involved in the project's automated rule generation and related technologies including masscheck.


The SysAdmins list is for people helping with system administration and infrastructure involved in the project's automated rule generation and related technologies including masscheck.


A list for German-language rule development. Not very active currently.


A list for Brazilian rule development.

Security Issues

We treat security-related issues specially. If you believe you have discovered a security issue related to SpamAssassin, please send a mail to security at with full details.

Anyone can send mail to the Security mailing list. Subscription to read the list is restricted. People who are granted commit access to the SpamAssassin project should subscribe to the list.

Private Lists

The project management committee maintains a private list, used for a very limited subset of discussions that cannot take place in public. This is not open for public subscription, but is documented here for completeness and transparency. See ProjectRoles for more details on what this list is used for.

Search Across Lists

You can also search and browse a unified view of all SpamAssassin mailing lists.

Other Ways of Communication

IRC is also an option.