Nightly Mass-Check for Normal People

Nightly mass check is how we check rules in the SandBox and adjust to the ever changing behavior of spammers. But there are many problems in the current process which limits its current effectiveness.



We need a way to make nightly mass check easily accessible to normal users. They need easy to use software to do mass checks and submit results. They must be properly trained on the sorting rules. Our project then needs some way of tracking the level of trust of these growing number of submitters.

I envision that generally hackers that care about spamassassin will urge their non-hacker friends to use this software as part of their daily e-mail. It is easy to convince people about the social benefit and how you can volunteer some time to help the rest of the world.

I think it would be sufficient to have a few dozen participants from different demographics, regions and languages in order to improve spamassassin. After this more accessible mass check software and supporting project infrastructure is ready, we could do a call for volunteers where our community can go out and find people in these varying demographics to participate. Our existing community of hackers and sysadmins can train individuals in corpus sorting and get them started.

You may think "this is crazy, why Windows?" The reason is this system *MUST* be easily accessible to normal users.

jm: I am still not convinced on this particular point. Note that a lot of "normal" users run MacOS X!


Possible Implementation Details