10-Fold Cross Validation

This is a log of what I did to run a 10-fold cross-validation test of the perceptron vs the GA when testing bug 2910 ( http://bugzilla.spamassassin.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2910 ) – JustinMason 21/01/04

\[check it out:\]

svn co https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/incubator/spamassassin/trunk
cd trunk
perl Makefile.PL 
cd masses

\[also get pgapack and install as "masses/pgapack".  I just scp'd in an already-built tree I had here.\]

\[and use the set-0 logs from the 2.60 GA run -- taken from the rsync repository:\]

wc -l /home/corpus-rsync/corpus/Obsolete/submit-2.60-GA-run1/ham-set0.log /home/corpus-rsync/corpus/Obsolete/submit-2.60-GA-run1/spam-set0.log
 210442 /home/corpus-rsync/corpus/Obsolete/submit-2.60-GA-run1/ham-set0.log
 354479 /home/corpus-rsync/corpus/Obsolete/submit-2.60-GA-run1/spam-set0.log

\[we want about 2k in each bucket, otherwise it'll take weeks to complete. use split-logs-into-buckets to juggle the log files in blocks of 10% to get the ratio and size to around 2k:2k.\]

\[ham buckets first:\]

./tenpass/split-log-into-buckets 10 < /home/corpus-rsync/corpus/Obsolete/submit-2.6
mv split-1.log new
./tenpass/split-log-into-buckets 10 < new
wc -l split-1.log
   2104 split-1.log

\[much better!\]

mv split-*.log ../../logs/nonspam-jm/

./tenpass/split-log-into-buckets 10 < /home/corpus-rsync/corpus/Obsolete/submit-2.6
mv split-1.log new
wc -l new
  35437 new

\[given this, we want 6 of the 10 logfiles to make 21264 lines, which would result in a roughly even ham:spam ratio for testing. let's do that.\]

cat split-{1,2,3,4,5,6}.log > new
./tenpass/split-log-into-buckets 10 < new
wc -l split-1.log
   2126 split-1.log


mv split-*.log ../../logs/spam-jm/

\[and doublecheck the log sizes:\]

wc -l ../../logs/*/*.log
   2104 ../../logs/nonspam-jm/split-1.log
   2103 ../../logs/nonspam-jm/split-10.log
   2106 ../../logs/nonspam-jm/split-2.log
   2103 ../../logs/nonspam-jm/split-3.log
   2102 ../../logs/nonspam-jm/split-4.log
   2105 ../../logs/nonspam-jm/split-5.log
   2102 ../../logs/nonspam-jm/split-6.log
   2103 ../../logs/nonspam-jm/split-7.log
   2103 ../../logs/nonspam-jm/split-8.log
   2104 ../../logs/nonspam-jm/split-9.log
   2126 ../../logs/spam-jm/split-1.log
   2127 ../../logs/spam-jm/split-10.log
   2126 ../../logs/spam-jm/split-2.log
   2126 ../../logs/spam-jm/split-3.log
   2128 ../../logs/spam-jm/split-4.log
   2126 ../../logs/spam-jm/split-5.log
   2126 ../../logs/spam-jm/split-6.log
   2126 ../../logs/spam-jm/split-7.log
   2126 ../../logs/spam-jm/split-8.log
   2125 ../../logs/spam-jm/split-9.log
  42297 total

\[looks fine.  now run the 10pass master script.\]

nohup sh -x ./tenpass/10pass-run &

Results will appear in "tenpass_results" – over the course of 4 days. (wink)


copied ./tenpass/10pass-run to ./10pass-run-perceptron .

Changed these lines:

  make clean >> make.output
  make >> make.output 2>&1
  pwd; date


  make clean >> make.output
  make -C perceptron_c clean >> make.output
  make tmp/tests.h >> make.output 2>&1
  rm -rf perceptron_c/tmp; cp -r tmp perceptron_c/tmp
  make -C perceptron_c >> make.output
  ( cd perceptron_c ; ./perceptron )
  pwd; date


  cp craig-evolve.scores tenpass_results/scores.$id


  cp perceptron_c/perceptron.scores tenpass_results/scores.$id

and run ./10pass-run-perceptron . This one runs quicker (wink)