This page describes information about using Eclipse to develop JMeter. You don't have to use Eclipse, but many of us do. So here are some tips for getting it set up.

The \["JMeterAndEclipseHowTo"\] describes the basics of setting up a JMeter project in Eclipse and configuring Eclipse to run JMeter successfully.

Formatting files

In order to match the conventions agreed to by JMeter committers in January 2003 (see \[ the mailing list archive\]) the following settings are recommended.  These settings are in Eclipse 2.1.1 -- earlier or later versions probably have similar settings, but possibly in different places.

Multiple Workspaces

Most Eclipse formatting settings are managed at the workspace level. If you work on other projects in addition to JMeter, you probably don't want the JMeter formatting to apply to your other projects. One way to manage this is to set up multiple Eclipse workspaces – one for JMeter, and one (or more) for other projects. To use multiple workspaces, simply start eclipse with the "-data" parameter:

    eclipse -data c:\workspace_JMeter 

You could also create a batch file, shell script, or Windows shortcut to automatically specify the workspace so you don't have to type it each time.