JMeter currently supports file-based listeners. This is a patch that configures a Listener to log to MySQL: JMeter_MysqlCollector.patch

The patch is thoroughly untested, most likely highly-buggy and not very efficient with resources, so take some time to go over and make changes where you see fit before using it (I am not a developer, just able to throw together a bit of code). Hope it helps though.

It was primarily designed to save HTTPSample responses to a database for reporting purposes.

Some areas that require attention:

Usage / Notes:

  1. Check out JMeter 2. Apply patch 3. Add mysql-connector-jdbc to project/lib directory 4. Update classpath (if running from Eclipse) to include this library. 5. Run GUI. The listener should be there and configurable. 6. Make improvements and send patches / edit here (wink)