October Reports (see ReportingSchedule)


Entered incubation in February 2005.

Nothing new on Agila for quite a while. All activity has been transfered to Ode. The Jakarta PMC as voted to retire the project.



Project name - CXF

Description - SOA enabling framework, web services toolkit (Celtix and XFire merge)

Date of entry - August, 2006

Top three items to resolve -
1) Diversity - Active commiters are 90% IONA people

2) Growth of community - related to diversity, we have not yet had the opportunity to add additional commiters. The traffic on the dev list is "steady."

3) Demonstrations of apache processes - working on a milestone 1 release, etc...

Community aspects:

Code aspects:





Licensing and other isses


Development on FtpServer is slowly progressing. Currently the focus is mostly on filling the gaps when it comes to automatic testing.


Graffito is a framework for content-based applications, especially in portlet environments. Graffito entered incubation on September 20, 2004.

Top three items to resolve before graduation:

Graffito activity has increased noticeably since the last report, especially due to interest from within the Jackrabbit community. New bug reports and patches are also being contributed.


Entered incubation in May, 2005. Apache Harmony is primarily focused on the creation of an independent, compatible implementation of Java SE 5.

The project has voted to ask to graduate from the Incubator, and is currently discussion the topic with the Incubator PMC.

Progress continues in both code and community:




While progress has still been a bit slow, some good milestones have been reached in the past month.

We're also now very close to having the OpenID and Yadis libraries contributed to the project, just waiting on two or three more accounts to be created.



The project is dormant. Will probably shut things down for good at ApacheCon.


Lucene.Net continues to grow. Recently Lucene.Net 1.9.1 "final" was released. In addition, Lucene.Net 2.0 is now in "beta". The mailing list is seeing more traffic with questions, bug reports and enhancement requests. In September, Jeff Rodenburg was added as a committer to Lucene.Net. And finally, a new logo Lucene.Net logo was added to the incubation site (http://incubator.apache.org/lucene.net/)



Project name - Wicket

Description - Web development framework focusing on pure OO coding, making the creation of new components very easy

Date of entry - October, 2006

Top three items to resolve -

1) Remove a LGPL date picker component from Wicket-extensions
2) Work out how community is going to manage releases (e.g should we release current maintenance branches at SourceForge? 1.2.3->SF, 1.3->ASF, 2.0->ASF)
3) Settle into ASF context more

Community aspects:

Code aspects:




XAP is a declarative framework for building, deploying and maintaining Ajax-based rich internet applications with the goal of dramatically simplifying Ajax application development. XAP entered incubation in May 2006.

Top three items to resolve before graduation: