Welcome to Struts 2

Struts 2 is a web-based MVC framework that emphasizes simplicity and interoperability. The framework is designed so that you can use as many or as few of its features as you like.

Struts 2 is at a pre-release, pre-Alpha stage. If you are just getting started with Struts2/WebWork2, we recommend WebWork 2.2 as an entry point. WW2 is stable and production ready. When Struts 2 is released, migration paths for WebWork 2 and Struts 1 developers will be available.

See the Struts 2 release plan for details and status.

Milehigh View

In a conventional web application, requests are often directed to a server page. The server page is responsible for all the processing required by the request.

In a Stuts 2 application, the request first goes to a dispatcher component that selects an action. The action can include an Action class, several Result classes, and even exception handling. The action can also include a set of "interceptors" that are used to apply common concerns to similar requests.

The Action class manages the programming logic for the request and selects a Result class. The Result class can either render the response directly or (more often) transfer control to a server page or template page.

To make it easier to access dynamic data obtained by an Action, the framework includes a library of custom tags. The tags interact with the framework's validation and internationalization features, to ensure that input is correct and output is localized. The tag library can be used with JavaServer Pages or FreeMarker templates.

Getting Started

The online documentation is grouped into three areas.


Our overview is your ten minute tour of Struts 2: Who, What, When, Where, and Why.


Our tutorials are designed to get started with the framework soon as possible. We offer an all-purpose "soup to nuts" tutorial as well as specialty tutorials on portlets and database access.


Our in-depth guides focus on specific components of the framework, such as Views, the Core framework, and Third-party Extensions.