We're in the process of migrating this wiki from Open Symphony WebWork2 to Struts Action Framework 2. WebWork is in the process of joining the Apache Struts project. See our incubator page for details. During the migration period, references to WebWork2 and SAF2 will be intermixed.

Welcome to the Apache Struts Action Framework 2: Java's cutting-edge web development platform!

About Struts Action Framework 2

Getting Started

Several tutorials are available to help you get started with the framework. Once you download a distribution, be sure to try the QuickStart feature.




The SAF2 documentation is maintained online, posted to the Apache Struts web site on a regular basis, and also bundled with each release. The online version represents the latest development version ("nightly build") and may document features not available in your release. See the documenation bundled with each release for the best information about the features available in that release. Release documentation is available in HTML and PDF format.


Getting Help

Plugins, Tools, and Extensions



Contributor Resources

More Help with WebWork2