This page describes the mechanics of how to contribute software to Apache Whirr.

Running Tests

The Whirr tests run against real cloud providers, so you need to have an account with a provider to run them. You also need to set the necessary credentials. In theory, Whirr runs against any porivder supported by Jclouds, but this hasn't been tested yet.

Build and install the JARs from the top-level with

mvn install -DskipTests

To run the tests for a given service, change into the services/<service> directory and type the following. Alternatively, run this from the top level to run the tests for all services.

mvn test -DargLine='-Dwhirr.test.provider=<cloud-provider> -Dwhirr.test.user=<cloud-provider-user> -Dwhirr.test.key=<cloud-provider-secret-key>'

For Amazon EC2, whirr.test.provider should be set to ec2 (the default). The user is the access key ID, and the key is the secret access key.

The tests also rely on having an SSH keypair. By default they use .ssh/id_rsa and .ssh/ in the user's home directory, but you can override this by setting whirr.test.ssh.keyfile to the private key's filename.