Geronimo Track US 09

Project Management Committee: Geronimo

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PMC Liason/Spokesorganizer(s): Kevan Miller

Planning Team Mentor & Liason: Jean-Frederic Clere

Track Description

Apache Geronimo is a lightweight, flexible, component-based server for building dynamic application server environments. Geronimo plugins can be assembled into a fully compliant Java EE Server. However, it can be easily assembled into a server providing a subset of functionality or a minimal subset required to meet the specific requirements of a set of applications.

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Target Audience

This track will be oriented towards users of Geronimo. Although some introductory material will be covered, a large portion of the talks will be oriented towards advanced users. Some knowledge of Geronimo will be helpful.

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Session 4

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Apache Geronimo 2.2

Speakers: David Jencks and Vamsavardhana Reddy Chillakuru

This talk will provide an overview of the Geronimo 2.2 release. Along with providing an overview of the new features found in 2.2, the talk will also discuss Geronimo Custom Assemblies and Application Security. Geronimo makes it easy to assemble a custom server around your applications, including only those features needed to run your apps. We'll see how to use maven to integrate this into your build process. Also, Apache Geronimo enables storing user credentials in a variety of data stores viz., simple text files, a database, an LDAP server and digital certificates. In this session we see how these data stores can be used to configure application security and how the necessary infrastructure can be run in Apache Geronimo itself.

OSGi Blueprint Container Specification and Geronimo

Speaker: Jarek Gawor

This talk will provide a general overview of the Blueprint Container Specification and demonstrate some of its core features using Geronimo's Blueprint Container implementation. The talk will also describe some more advanced features of the Geronimo implementation such as Configuration Admin Service support and custom namespace handlers. Future plans will be discussed as well as how the Blueprint Container might be used and integrated within the existing Geronimo Kernel.

Apache Geronimo 3.0: OSGi and Java EE6

Speakers: David Jencks and Donald Woods

This talk will provide a preview of the new features in Apache Geronimo 3.0. Including the OSGi support with the Geronimo kernel. We'll also discuss the new Java EE 6 features: Web Profiles, JPA 2.0, Servlet 3.0, EJB 3.1, etc. We'll also include demonstration of current functionality and discuss development outlook.

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