Apache Wink

Apache Wink is a complete Java based solution for implementing and consuming REST based Web Services. The goal of the Apache Wink framework is to provide a reusable and extendable set of classes and interfaces that will serve as a foundation on which a developer can efficiently construct applications.


1 Introduction to Apache Wink

2 Apache Wink Building Blocks

3 Getting Started with Apache Wink

4 JAX-RS Concepts

5 Apache Wink Server

  5.1 Registration and Configuration

  5.2 Annotations

  5.3 Resource Matching

  5.4 APP. Service Document

  5.5 Spring Integration

  5.6 WebDAV Extension

  5.7 Handler Chain

  5.8 Link Builder

  5.9 Assets

  5.10 Admin Views

6 Apache Wink Client

  6.1 Getting Started with Apache Wink Client

  6.2 Configuring the Apache Wink Client

  6.3 Input and Output Stream Adapters

7 Apache Wink Representations

  7.1 Json

  7.2 APP

  7.3 Atom

  7.4 RSS

  7.5 HTML

  7.6 CSV

  7.7 OpenSearch

  7.8 MultiPart

Appendix A - Feeds Support

Appendix B - Google App Engine