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With the deprecation of stateful pages we need a way to preserve control state across requests.


Add a new interface that stateful controls can implement:

interface Stateful {

public Object getState() {
  // Assemble state and return as object. This allows developers to save state in cookie instead.
// It also allows parent containers to assemble its children state recursively
// If this control is a container it should assemble all its child control state.

public void setState(Object state) {
    // Cast object back to its type and set state to this control and its children

Some useful utilities include:

public static void saveState(Stateful stateful, Context context) {
// public static void saveState(Stateful stateful, Context context, Map options)??
  // By default save state in session in a map that is stored against the request page path
 // This method can call stateful.getState to retrieve this components state
  // Optimization includes GZIP compressing the state

public static void restoreState(Stateful stateful, Context context) {
  //public static void restoreState(Context context, Map options)??
  // Grab state from session and invoke stateful.setState

Each control will be responsible for storing it's own state as well as it's children. It's up to the control or container how to best store the state, but should keep the following in mind: