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 The VCL management node must be able to control the VM host and the VMs running on it.  VMware provides several different ways of doing this.  VCL currently supports the following methods for remote VM host management:

The vSphere SDK can only be used if management is not restricted due to the VMware license key installed on the host.  This mainly affects hosts running the free version of ESXi.  Remote management using any of the methods supported by VMware is restricted once a free license key is entered.

If remote management is restricted, the VM host can be managed if SSH is enabled on it.  VCL will execute vim-cmd and other commands on the VM host via SSH. 

How to enable SSH on the VM host:

VMware Server 2.x

Enable the SSH daemon and configure identity key authentication according to the underlying VM host OS

ESX/ESXi 3.5 & 4.0
ESXi 4.1

Beginning with ESXi 4.1, SSH can be enabled using the vSphere Client:

ESX 5.0

In the case of ESX 5.0:

How to configure ESX/ESXi to use SSH identity key authentication:

SSH identity key authentication must be configured if SSH is used to manage the VM host.

IMPORTANT: Under ESXi 4.x, the authorized_keys file is erased when the ESXi VM host is rebooted. Complete the following steps to make the authorized_keys file persistent:

Note: VCL will perform these steps automatically when the 1st reservation assigned to the host is processed.

VM Host Profile Parameters