This wiki is dedicated to documenting the Wicket Java application framework. Wicket takes simplicity, separation of concerns and ease of development to a whole new level. The wiki is currently open to new users and contributors; see the contribution page for more information. To download Wicket, please visit the Wicket site.

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Wicket User Guide

Learn building web applications with Wicket from scratch reading its 200+ page user guide. The guide gradually introduces you to the various features of the framework with many real-world examples. It covers subjects such as models, behaviours, testing and integration with other projects.

The guide is available as PDF or html file for the following versions:

 Wicket User Guide - Wicket 6.x, Wicket 7.x, Wicket 8.x

Framework Documentation

GUI-Components and Widgets

Here is the reference for the standard Wicket GUI components: Component Reference

You are looking for some additional additional cool Widgets, mainly Javascript/AJAX style?
Then have a look here:

Wicket Component Packaging

Portlet Development

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