<Please notice: this is a repost of the first email sent to the ML - as not everyone has seen it I post it as a blog entry to keep track of the discussion>

Gentlemen, welcome and thank you for joining in (and the opportunity, for me and the project, to join the ASF, which is great) . I wrote some notes about the current state of the project and some hypothesis on future developments which I would like to discuss with you all. These are the items I would like to discuss (and sorry for being a bit lengthy):

Design choices

I recently rewrote DM entirely for simplification. It used to have three layers (heap, off-heap, file/nosql) and to authomatically push forward/backward in the chain items according to their usage. It turned out overly complicated and mostly inefficent at runtime (probably mostly because of my poor implementation). The singleton facade is proving simple and effective and well refects the nature of direct memory - which cannot be really freed. But this needs a strategy for feature and behaviour composability.

New features

Adding simple heap cache features would spread usage among those who think that would EVENTUALLY need a huge off-heap one (I believe it's the vast majority of our potential "customers"). Same thing for file and distributed ones. Having both three would qualify DM as an Enterprise Ready (please notice the capitalization (wink) cache.

Integration with other products

Providing plugins, integration or just support with/for other technologies/products would of course spread adoption. These are the first few that pop in my mind at the moment


There are of course a lot of things that are not essential but could be investigated

Build, Test and Continuous integration strategy

The overall point for DM is testing for performance with large quantities of memory - where the minimum should be more than the average 2GB used by web applications - the more the better.


I would say that intensive performance testing and certification would make a solid 0.7 GA release; heap and file storages inclusion would make a pretty good 1.0 (the distributed storage would make it incredible!)

Waiting forward for your feedback.