Eclipse setup

Install and prepare Eclipse

Checkout Kafka source

Generate Eclipse project files

Create the Eclipse workspace

You should see the projects you have imported. For running unit tests and Kafka broker refer to the previous section.

You will need regenerate the projects and refresh eclipse every time there is a change in the projects dependencies. In other words, you need to run ./gradlew eclipse and refresh eclipse.

NOTE - update for Eclipse 3.7.x Oxygen, scala-ide 4.7.1RC3 and Scala 2.12

After generating the projects with

gradle -PscalaVersion=2.12
./gradlew -PscalaVersion=2.12 eclipse --refresh-dependencies

In Eclipse you need some manual tweaking to get rid of the build errors :

then, break the build cycle

Intellij Setup

Install and prepare IntelliJ

Checkout Kafka source

Update libraries and generate IntelliJ project files

Create IntelliJ workspace