Flume NG Plugins

The plugins listed on this page are provided by their respective authors, not the Apache Flume project. In alphabetical order:


flume-ng-cassandra-sink 1.0.0
A Flume sink using Apache Cassandra. The Cassandra Sink will persist flume events to a Cassandra Cluster. (B. Todd Burruss)


Flume input/output plugin for Fluent (Muga Nishizawa)


flume-ng-msgpack-source 0.0.1
Flume NG MessagePack source. The source was implemented by MessagePack-RPC. (Leon Lee)


flume-ng-mongodb-sink 0.0.1
Flume NG MongoDB sink. The source was implemented to populate JSON into MongoDB. (Leon Lee)


Phoenix - HBase

 The Apache Phoenix project now provides a custom sink for streaming Flume events into HBase. These events may be queried through SQL using the Phoenix JDBC driver.
 The detailed instructions can be found here (still on github until we move to Apache):