We plan a respin on base of AOO 3.4.1 to support some further languages where we have received the missing pieces to make a release possible.

The scope of this respin is to provide new languages only, that means we plan to integrate the new translation in the AOO 3.4.1 branch, create a new source release package and provide for the convenience of our users some further new built binary packages for these new languages.

Planned release schedule



January 4th, 2013

Translation deadline
All new translation have to be available as attachments to new created issues for each language

January 11th, 2013

Availability of 1. Developer Snapshot

January 11th, 2013

Availability of 2. Developer Snapshot

January 31th, 2013


New supported languages



Reference to dictionary

Issue for dictionary

Danish (da)




Polish (pl)




Scottish Gaelic (gd)




















Proposed workflow

Create new issue for translation files

Create new issue for dictionaries