Reflect (Generic) UDF

A Java class and method often exists to handle the exact function a user would like to use in Hive. Rather than having to write a wrapper UDF to call this method, the majority of these methods can be called using reflect UDF. Reflect uses Java reflection to instantiate and call methods of objects; it can also call static functions. The method must return a primitive type or a type that Hive knows how to serialize.

SELECT reflect("java.lang.String", "valueOf", 1),
       reflect("java.lang.String", "isEmpty"),
       reflect("java.lang.Math", "max", 2, 3),
       reflect("java.lang.Math", "min", 2, 3),
       reflect("java.lang.Math", "round", 2.5),
       reflect("java.lang.Math", "exp", 1.0),
       reflect("java.lang.Math", "floor", 1.9)

1	true	3	2	3	2.7182818284590455	1.0

As of Hive 0.9.0, java_method() is a synonym for reflect(). See Misc. Functions in Hive Operators and UDFs.