How The Kafka Project Handles Clients

Starting with the 0.8 release we are maintaining all but the jvm client external to the main code base. The reason for this is that it allows a small group of implementers who know that language to quickly iterate on that client. Having these maintained centrally was becoming a bottleneck as the main committers can't hope to know every programming language that has a client. This lead to a scenario where the committers were attempting to review and test code they didn't understand. We are instead moving to the redis/memcached model which seems to work better at supporting a rich ecosystem of high quality clients.

We haven't tried all these clients and can't vouch for them. The normal rules of open source apply.

If you are aware of other clients not listed here (or are the author of such a client), please add it here. Please also feel free to help fill out information on the features the client supports, level of activity of the project, level of documentation, etc.

For 0.8.x

The 0.8 release changes the protocol fairly substantially. This version hasn't been released yet. The new protocol is documented here. A number of clients are in progress, and we will update when they are complete.



Maintained with the main code base.


Native C library with Consumer, Producer and compression support.

Maintainer: Magnus Edenhill
License: 2-clause BSD



PHP library with Consumer (simple and Zookeeper-based), Producer and compression support (release notes).

Maintainer: Lorenzo Alberton
License: Apache v.2.0


Log4PHP Appender


We have a wealth of python clients!

Protocol support for Kafka 0.7 in Python. GZip and Snappy compression supported

Maintainer: David Arthur
License: Apache v.2.0

Maintainer:: Dan Sulley, LinkedIn
License: Apache 2.0

Python client from Disqus:

Python client from Urban Airship:

Python client from Datadog:
(Producer, Simple Consumer, ZK-Consumer)

Maintainer: Alejandro Crosa
License:: Apache 2.0

Event machine client:

JRuby Event stream processor




Low-level protocol support in node.js.
Gregg Caines
Eric lee
License: MIT

Alternate node client from Tagged



erlkafka is a kafka client written in erlang

Maintainer: Milind Parikh
*License: BSD, LGPL


Client Libraries Previously Supported