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CloudStack encompasses a large body of knowledge, from system administration, network administration, storage management to software engineering and open source practices. Currently all our content is spread out among the Wiki, SlideShare, YouTube etc. There is a need to create stand alone "courses" that any new comers can take at their own pace to learn the various facets of CloudStack. The courses can be composed of slide decks, videos and even exercises.
At the end of a course(s), "students" would understand Open Source and the Apache Way, they would have a global view of the field of Cloud Computing and what CloudStack provide. They would also have deployed their own CloudStack cloud and be aware of the many features. They would also understand how to participate in the community and become an integral part of it, through our multiple interaction channels: IRC, Mailing lists, JIRA, Review Board etc.

The syllabus of a course would follow a traditional one-semester long calendar of roughly 16 weeks. We would have one lecture per week ( ~45 minutes given via webinar and recorded for later view, note that some of the topics will be hard to cover in 45 minutes). Once recorded the course could be taken as a self-paced course by anyone. Additionally the content could be formatted for sites like iTunes university. While we would use this course for CloudStack it should contain generic information applicable outside the CloudStack realm. For similar concepts checkout: Eucalyptus edu

While we can re-use existing slide decks, it would be preferable to create presentations from scratch to avoid overlap between "lectures" and provide a cohesive set of content. Similary with videos, we can already point to some of the videos from CCC and other events, but it would be better to pre-record the presentations or record them live during a webinar.

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