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Long Version

Hive Precommit testing is triggered via the following Jenkins job PreCommit-Admin, and executes on the Hive PTest2 Infrastructure. It should not be used as a replacement for local testing. Contributors and committers should execute any tests they believe will be impacted by a change locally.

The PreCommit build requires a patch name to be in a specific format. The format is as follows:


All other attachments will be ignored. Branch and .txt are both optional. If branch is not specified then trunk is assumed. Before executing a PreCommit build for a particular branch, the branch must be setup on the Hive PTest2 Infrastructure by a committer.

To find your issue's build in the queue, navigate to PreCommit-HIVE-Build, find the Build History column on the left, and mouse over the icon on each "pending" build until you find your issue number (e.g. ISSUE_NUM=12345).

If you'd like to resubmit your patch you can either:

  1. Upload the patch again (by clicking Submit Patch)
  2. Click "Build with Parameters" here PreCommit-HIVE-MASTER-Build and put the numeric portion of the JIRA in the issue number field.