This page is meant to discuss the requirements and design of a new Sling launcher.

It was created in September 2014 to help build consensus about such a launcher.

Current status

(Updated March 2016)

The current launchpad/runnable jar approach does not seem ideal for modern operations where one wants to drive the creation and configuration of Sling instances from (structured) text files that can be managed in Git or other source code control systems, for programmable infrastructure (aka devops).

The Sling Provisioning Model implements the Sling Instance Config concept mentioned below. It is used by Sling Maven plugins to generate runnable launchpad jars as well as (to a certain extent) Karaf features.

The experimental Crankstart launcher was created in early 2014 to support some Sling operations / cluster prototypes: Artyom Stetsenko's prototype and Bertrand's Docker/Sling cluster playground. It was modified in 2015 to support the Sling Provisioning Model and is used in integration tests for the ./contrib/commons/mom/jobs/it module.


A Sling Instance Config (SIC) fully describes the configuration of a Sling instance, including all bundles, run modes, OSGi configurations, OSGi framework properties, repoinit statements etc.

Sling NG Launcher Design Goals

Must have

Nice to have

Some of these need a refined specification to decide whether they are actually needed.

Open Questions