This is living document describing our plans, thoughts and current work in progress for Apache CloudStack.

If you want to work on an item, do not hesitate to write your name, a date and status below the corresponding bullet point.

If you have other items in mind, please add them in the appropriate section.

Code work:

Ecosystem work:

"We have a really strong ecosystem. From configuration management tools, API wrappers, PaaS plugins etc."
"We need to feature our ecosystem clearly on our website, support it and keep on growing it as new technologies emerge."

On documentation:

In 2014 we successfully moved our docs to the Read The Docs service.

This was a first great move but we need to finish the job and re-organize the docs once and for all.

We need to:

On Events:

We have at least four great events coming in 2015. We need leads and a program committer for each of those.

Let’s meet at one of those events.

Let's publicize other events !!!

 Let’s submit a talk or a poster, tell everyone about the great stuff we are doing with CloudStack.

 If you are in a position at your company to sponsor the event, please do, we need everyone's help to make those great events.

"Open Source is about collaboration and sharing, so let’s meet around the globe from Sao Paulo to Dublin to Tokyo and talk Cloud, DevOps and Docker (smile)..."

On the Website:

We can live without a website, but having a good one is a great way to showcase our community and our work.

 The current website is an improvement to what it was before but we need to do much much better.

I recently did a small experiment and we could use github page.

If we could find a great web designer in our community, we could rebuild our site and make it a very modern, polished site that would attract even more people.

"Let’s keep on making CloudStack great in the coming year and let’s have fun doing it" -Sebastien Goasguen, 2015 CloudStack VP