These are the highlights of new features or additions to existing features in 6.0.0. For the complete list of all changes see this JIRA Release Notes.


New Features


HTTP/2 in this release is stable. Not everything from the H2 specifications is supported. In particular

are not supported. In addition, HTTP/2 is only supported on the client side, outbound HTTP/2 is not supported yet (i.e. we only support proxying H2 to an HTTP/1.1 backend server (origin)). For some details on the implementation, see the TS-2729 Jira.

The following records.config settings are needed to enable HTTP/2 on trafficserver in 5.3.x:

CONFIG proxy.config.http2.enabled INT 1

Additionally, there should be at least one TLS port configured in proxy.config.http.server_ports.

For example,

CONFIG proxy.config.http.server_ports STRING 80 443:ssl

Logging Additions

Wiretracing TLS



Deprecated Features

Future Deprecated Features

New Configuration Options

New Metrics

New Plugins (in experimental)