Status report for the Apache ActiveMQ Project

July board report was missed in part due to a change in PMC chair.

 * The developer and user communities remain very active.
 * New committer added: Albert Strasheim

 The CMS API has been extracted from the ActiveMQ CPP module and turned into 
 an independently versioned module.  ActiveMQ 5.0 is starting to solidify and 
 in all likelihood will be released within the next quarter.

Brand New Releases:
 * ActiveMQ CMS 1.0 - Defines an abstract messaging API for C++
 * ActiveMQ Camel 1.0.0 - A routing and mediation engine

Maintenance Releases:
 * ActiveMQ CPP 2.0.1 - Updated to use the CMS 1.0 API
 * ActiveMQ CMS 1.1 - Updated to build as a shared lib