This page describes how to build Impala from source and how to configure and run Impala in a single node development environment. 

Prerequisites and Requirements

Hardware Requirements

Supported Operating Systems



Not supported


Not supported

Option 1 - Building Impala (for developing Impala)

git clone ~/Impala
cd ~/Impala
export IMPALA_HOME=`pwd`

Option 2 - Building Impala without Test Data (for testing Impala)

git clone ~/Impala
cd ~/Impala
export IMPALA_HOME=`pwd`
source ./bin/
# Format the test cluster and start Impala and dependent services
./ -noclean -notests -format -start_minicluster -start_impala_cluster

Rebuilding after initial build

# Rebuild both backend and frontend
${IMPALA_HOME}/ -skiptests -noclean

# Rebuild with optimized release binaries
${IMPALA_HOME}/ -skiptests -noclean -release

# Incremental builds
source ${IMPALA_HOME}/bin/ # If you didn't already source in this shell
 # Optional: Rebuild the impala binary only
make -j$IMPALA_BUILD_THREADS impalad
# Optional: Build the Java-side frontend only

# Restart the Impala cluster

See Tips for Faster Impala Builds for more tips on how to do incremental builds.


Q: The build is stuck at 100% progress for a while (as the screenshot shows). What's going on there?

A: Usually the FE compilation is still running. Maven downloads a lot of artifacts. So you will see slow progress there if your internet connection is slow. You can check the logs at ${IMPALA_HOME}/logs/mvn/mvn.log