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Under certain circumstances, the existing RangeAssignor and RoundRobinAssignor partition assignment strategies fail to produce a balanced assignment of partitions to consumers, in terms of the total lag assigned to each consumer.  The above issue can be overcome by a new partition assignment that assigns partitions such that lag is distributed as evenly as possible across a consumer group.

Public Interfaces

This change would introduce a new partition assignment strategy, implemented as a new class LagAwareAssignor that can be used by specifying org.apache.kafka.clients.consumer.LagAwareAssignor for the value of the consumer property partition.assignment.strategy. The default value of this consumer property would not be changed.

Proposed Changes

Add a Lag-Aware Assignor option to the assignment strategies of the new consumer. The Lag-Aware Assignor operates on a per-topic basis and serves two purposes.

First, it guarantees an assignment that is as balanced as possible in terms of topic partition count, meaning either:

Second, during a reassignment the Lag-Aware Assignor would perform the reassignment in such a way that in the new assignment,

  1. topic partitions are still distributed as evenly as possible by topic partition count (see above), and
  2. topic partitions are assigned such that the total lag is distributed as evenly as possible across the consumer group.  

The first goal above takes precedence over the second one.  This means that the distribution of total lags assigned to each consumer may still be uneven, but will be as even as possible for an assignment that is balanced in terms of topic partition count.  Ensuring that assignments are balanced by topic partition count serves two purposes:


The total lag assigned to each consumer is the sum of the lags across all assigned topic partitions.  The lag on each topic partition is the difference between the offset of the next message to be published to the partition and the last offset committed by the consumer group for that partition.


The inputs to the lag-aware partition assignment algorithm are:

The lag-aware partition assignment strategy maintains a number of data structures:

The lag-aware partition assignment algorithm operates on a single topic at a time, within the context of a single consumer group, the following additional data structures are maintained during assignment of each topic:

The algorithms includes the following main steps:

  1. For each topic present in the subscription for at least one consumer, determine the current lag on each partition for the consumer group
    1. Lag is computed by subtracting the latest offset from the last committed offset for each partition
    2. If the consumer group has not yet committed an offset for a partition, determine the lag based on the auto.offset.reset consumer property, as follows:
      1. If auto.offset.reset=latest, the current lag for the partition is 0
      2. If auto.offset.reset=earliest (or any other value) we assume a current lag equal to the total number of records currently available in that partition (i.e. latest offset - beginning offset)
  2. For each topic present in the subscription:
    1. Sort partitions in order of decreasing lag
    2. While there are still unassigned partitions:
      1. Select the unassigned partition with the maximum lag
      2. Assign this partition to the consumer with the minimum total number of assigned partitions
      3. If all consumers have an equal number of partitions assigned, assign the partition to the consumer with the minimum total assigned lag

Obtaining Consumer Group Offsets

A means of obtaining the earliest, latest and last committed offset for each topic partition is required.

The prototype prototype implementation achieves this by creating an additional KafkaConsumer joined to the consumer group for which assignment is being performed.  Offsets are then obtained via the Consumer API.

The prototype targeted Kafka  In Kafka it may be more appropriate to obtain offsets via the new Admin API.

Prototype Implementation

A prototype implementation targeting Kafka is available here.


Suppose a consumer group contains two consumers C0 and C1, both subscribed to a topic t0 with 3 partitions: t0p0 (lag 100,000), t0p1 (lag 60,000) and t0p2 (lag 50,000).

The assignment generated by both RangeAssignor and RoundRobinAssignor will be:

ConsumerAssigned Topic PartitionsTotal Assigned Lag
C0t0p0, t0p1160,000

The assignment generated by the proposed lag-aware assignor will be:

ConsumerAssigned Topic PartitionsTotal Assigned Lag


Compatibility, Deprecation, and Migration Plan

This change will have no impact on existing users unless the explicitly configure their consumers to use the new partition assignment strategy.

Rejected Alternatives