Agenda Summary:

In total there 42 items that must be reviewed during the first quarterly call. Following is a schedule on how we are setting the time aside for each company based on number of things they have listed, on average - each item gets 1.5 minutes.

The presenter must stop at the time specified in table below for next speaker to proceed.

Please note - this is a very high level talk and we will not be going into finer details of how it will be implemented - due to time constraint.

Development Discussions

Community Discussions

Development Efforts:

Company: ShapeBlue

Feature Name Securing Agent Comms (CA Framework)

Feature Name Error code framework

Feature Name Enable Dedication of Public IP range to CPVM/SSVM

Feature Name Multi-disk OVA import + Additional OVA metadata

Feature Name Fix and Update template checksum validation

Feature Name Add Layer 2 network type

Feature Name New UI Framework

Feature Name System VM diagnostics API

Feature Name Ability to request a range of public IPs (v4 and v6)

Feature Name CloudStack Metrics Exporter for Prometheus

Feature Name Embedded Jetty

Feature Name Debian 9 SystemVM template

Feature Name Enable dedication of public IPs to system VMs (CPVM/SSVM)

Company: Accelerite

Feature Name Affinity Group at Domain Level

Feature Name Bulk Provisioning of VM from UI

Feature Name Strongswan: Multiple subnets in IKEv1

Feature Name Hyper-V Snapshots

Feature Name CPU cores per socket

Feature Name Cinder Integration

Feature Name OVA Import Robustness

Feature Name Hyper-V Clustering

Company: Nuage Networks

Feature Name Network migration support

Feature Name Extra DHCP options support

Feature Name VPC Inline LB

Feature Name Statistics / Caching

Feature Name Config Drive

Feature Name Nuage VSP 5.0 Support

Company: CloudOps

Feature Name Baremetal using MaaS

Feature Name NoVNC Console

Company: ENA 

Feature Name
 Ceph/RBD Support for new KVM HA Framework

Feature Name Ability to Specify Mac Address when plugging a network

Community Effort

Company: ShapeBlue

Subject CloudStack fat jar packaging

Subject Debian9 systemvmtemplate


Subject Winston

Subject Marvin Test Categories

Company: Accelerite

Subject Release Management

Subject PR Process

Subject Regression Tests

Subject Release Qualification

Subject Performance Testing


-- TBD



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