This HOWTO is for SDAP Developers, it covers location our Website source code as well as deployment.

Step-by-step guide

Before progressing, you will require the following tools are installed

  1. Git
  2. Ruby
  3. RubyGems
  4. Jekyll

Source Code Location

The SDAP Website canonical source code is located at A public mirror exists at Pull requests should be made against the latter, with commits being made to the former.

Website Build

The SDAP Website is developed locally with Jekyll, "a simple, blog-aware, static site generator." Jekyll depends on Ruby and RubyGems.

Install Jekyll with gem install jekyll. It may be necessary to add to the $PATH environment variable like export PATH=~/.gem/ruby/2.1.0/bin:$PATH.

Use jekyll serve --drafts to host the site at http://localhost:4000, regenerating it whenever files change and displaying drafts. Simply edit the site and reload it in a web browser to view changes. Posts can be drafted in the _draftsdirectory and published in the _posts directory.

Consult the Jekyll documentation for details on installation, editing, and configuration.

Website Deployment

When you check out the Website source, you will see a source directory. All changes should be made to the code in this directory. The following displays how to do that,

# Change into the source directory
$ cd incubator-sdap-website/source
# Make sure you are working with the `asa-site` branch
$ git checkout asf-site
# Make changes and serve the Website locally, it can be seen at http://localhost:4000
$ jekyll serve --drafts
# Copy changes to deploy directory and change back into the parent directory
$ cp -r _site/* ../ && cd ../
# Review changes
$ git status
# Commit and push your changes, ensure your commit message is titled appropriately based upon the JIRA issue you've created.

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