Disclaimer: Everything on this page is a shameless copy-paste-replaceText("FLIP").with("ONIP") from Apache Flink - Flink Improvement Proposals

This page describes a proposed OpenNLP Improvement Proposal (ONIP) process for proposing a major change to OpenNLP.

To create your own ONIP, click on "Create" on the header and choose "ONIP-Template" other than "Blank page".

What should be included in an ONIP?

A ONIP should contain the following sections:

Who should initiate an ONIP?

Anyone can initiate an ONIP but you shouldn't do it unless you have an intention of getting the work done to implement it.


Here is the process for making an ONIP:

  1. Create a page which is a child of this one. Take the next available ONIP number and give your proposal a descriptive heading. e.g. "ONIP 76: Better Tokenizer for Long Text". If you don't have the necessary permissions for creating a new page, please ask on the development mailing list.
  2. Fill in the sections as described above
  3. Start a [DISCUSS] thread on the Apache mailing list. Please ensure that the subject of the thread is of the format [DISCUSS] ONIP-{your ONIP number} {your ONIP heading} The discussion should happen on the mailing list not on the wiki since the wiki comment system doesn't work well for larger discussions. In the process of the discussion you may update the proposal. You should let people know the changes you are making.
  4. Once the proposal is finalized call a [VOTE] to have the proposal adopted. These proposals are more serious than code changes and more serious even than release votes. The criteria for acceptance is lazy majority.
  5. Please update the ONIP wiki page, and the index below, to reflect the current stage of the ONIP after a vote. This acts as the permanent record indicating the result of the ONIP (e.g., Accepted or Rejected). Also report the result of the ONIP vote to the voting thread on the mailing list so the conclusion is clear.

ONIP round-up

Next ONIP Number: 5

Use this number as the identifier for your ONIP and increment this value.

Adopted/Accepted but unreleased ONIPs

ONIPTarget ReleaseLink to Discussion Thread


ONIPs under discussion

ONIPStateLink to Discussion Thread
ONIP-1: Better Language Model SupportDiscusshttps://lists.apache.org/thread.html/50ac99671c0343980053e7ba3faa3e4c2624b08b1f033617f222c33e@%3Cdev.opennlp.apache.org%3E
ONIP-2: Add Text Summarization based on Deep LearningDiscuss 
ONIP-3: Allow User Supplied Logging CapabilitiesDiscuss 
ONIP-4: Distribute langdetect model as Maven dependencyDiscuss